19 juni 2018

2018 /The Strategic Challenge


  • Started in 2009 with former SNS REAAL as director of the change business of the insurance company of SNS REAAL (Reaal, Zwitserleven and Proteq). From 2009 onwards experienced several developments within SNS REAAL such as the centralization of the ITC organization within SNS REAAL, the nationalization of SNS REAAL, the decentralization of the ITC organization (in the role of  CIO for VIVAT) for Bank (SNS) and Insurer (VIVAT) and the establishment of an independent ITC organization for VIVAT. After the separation of Bank and Insurer participated in de sale of VIVAT, which led to the acquisition of VIVAT by Anbang. 

    Before my career with VIVAT worked over 20 years for the central government, the ministry of Justice and the Kadaster. Within the ministry of Justice responsible for the IT for the Public Ministry and Jurisdiction. For the Kadaster I fulfilled several roles.